After months of planning and packing, we’re finally all set and ready to fly out on 12 December to Vancouver, but first we have a couple of weeks in Scotland with the fam and dropping the cats off with Grandma Mears.

The plan is that we’ll be gone for 10 months in Canada, USA and Cuba. You can check out where we’ll be using the calendar and map in “The plan” menu above, so if you are planning a holiday yourself or have any tips for us, please do let us know!

If you want to follow us on this adventure just go to the menu at the top and put in your email and you’ll receive email notifications each time we post.  We’ll post something once a week and promise to fill it with photos (as requested).

Also, thanks to Stefan Sagmeister who inspired us to take this time off from our stereotypical London lifestyle. Whilst it might push back our retirement by a year, we think it will be worth it!