We left our London flat for the final time with all our bags and after travelling for 24 hours we made it to Canada!!


We picked up our freshly detailed “rental” (rental car), only to realise 30min later as the smell of conditioner faded that it absolutely wreaked of an *illicit substance*. Back to the rental place we went and swapped it for another car, sans the smell.

We sorted out a few admin things and headed up the Sea to Sky highway to Squamish where we’re staying in a gorgeous Airbnb.  The drive out of Vancouver and along Howe Sound is absolutely breathtaking (apologies for the dodgy driving photos; more to follow in future).



Next day we collected our ski passes and drove across the border to the US to collect our skis! We had a day on the slopes to find our feet and FREEZE! It was -17’C on the slopes and we only managed one run before we hit the shops for extra supplies. We’re doing a great job supporting the local economy!

It’s been consistently freezing cold to the point where our ski instructor told us to “keep an eye on each other for signs of frostbite” and Mike’s feet steam when he takes his ski boots off at the end of the day! Kellie on the other hand is sporting a new down jacket and windproof after being “unable to proceed” further.

We’re having a lovely time and thankfully there is a change in weather with higher temperatures and more snow due tomorrow.