Things have warmed up to -10’C since our last post and we’ve been busy putting our three days of ski lessons into practice. We’ve skied for eight days and had one day off and on one of our ski days we skied down the height of Mount Everest, so our legs are starting to feel it a bit.



We had the most magnificent powder day with 25cm of fresh snow overnight (and another 10-15cm over the next couple of days), which created some pretty interesting driving conditions and some incredible powder skiing for the next few days! Skiing powder feels like you’re floating through a cloud and that the law of gravity no longer apply; it’s magical!


Unfortunately the combination of powder and the “holidays” has brought a lot of people to the slopes and so the queues can be up to 30min long if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. That aside, the atmosphere on the mountain is really cool with everyone whooping and cheering at the “pow”, people dressed as Santa, and Christmas carols playing everywhere.

Speaking of Christmas, things are looking very Christmassy here in Squamish (this house is around the corner from where we stay) and our ski instructor (Bob) invited us to his home for Christmas drinks with his family!


In other news, on Thursday we exchanged (i.e. deposit paid) on the house and will complete (i.e. handover of keys) on 9 January. A big weight off our minds.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas (aka “holiday season”)!