So another month has passed and we are still skiing and hiking, it’s a hard to believe and it definitely is a hard life! 😃

Following my DIY ski waxing job Kellie became extremely ill for a week with labrynthitis, just in time for the fresh snow! Luckily it was actually too cold to ski (“feels like -36C” aka -33F).


While Kellie was resting I decided to put my feet up and catch up with some Netflix; Stranger Things – amazing! Luke Cage – ok! And a bunch of documentaries.

We stayed in Canmore for 5 weeks, it’s an an old mining town but don’t let that put you off going. Since it hosted the Olympic cross country skiing in 1988 it’s been transformed and is a trendy place to be. It’s cheaper and less touristy than Banff and many people from Calgary have weekenders here. It had a lovely atmosphere, the long main street had lots of boutiques, cafes, shops, a few bars and an amazing yoga studio, so lots to keep us entertained. And it was a great base for hiking and skiing.

Once Kellie was better we got back out and about again.

We hiked up Sulphur Mountain with Amberlyn which overlooks Banff – you could pay $60 for the gondola up or hike up and get a free ride down. Guess what we did? Yep, we hiked the 5.4km and 750m in altitude in falling snow. Very atmospheric!


Next up, Troll Falls – can you see why it was named so? The first section (aimed at kids) led onto a much tougher trail, so we continued and soon began feeling we were getting into the wilderness, we didn’t see another soul and there weren’t any foot steps to follow, just some orange tags hanging in the trees!



We also came across this climber who brought his helmet and ropes but thought he’d look cooler with a baseball cap.  When he got near the top his pick-axes were just going straight through the ice (to where the water was running), bet he was wishing he wore the helmet at that point!


We went skiing at Lake Louise again, where the Brassiere Tree (as seen here from the chairlift) had been growing – the ladies forgot the tinsel! Seriously, this popped up on the day of the women’s march following Trump’s inauguration.


We practically had the mountain to ourselves… so I claimed it!



Finally, Lake Louise – Lake Agnes Trail – This would be a good one in the summer also. Lake Louise is totally magical (other than the eyesore of a hotel on the edge of the lake), you should definitely add this to your bucket list.



We didn’t continue up Big Beehive (below) since the path wasn’t so great (one for summer).


We headed to our next spot Radium Hot Springs which was surprisingly quiet with not a lot happening. We did manage to take a dip in the local hot springs at twilight though.

And amongst all the hiking I managed to find a cheap barber – she did a great job but won’t let me have a go at her hair!


As our ski season will sadly becoming to an end in 2 weeks so we decided we better actually plan where we are going next, so spent a good few days researching and booking casas (Airbnb equivalent where you stay in Cuban’s homes) in Cuba. We are heading their mid-March for 2 weeks so will be quite incommunicado on phone and email.

We are off to Fernie tomorrow for a week which is one place we have been looking forward to as we’ve heard it’s a great town and great place to ski.

Quick shout out for Barry for selling our wee car back in Scotland. Thanks Baz! Sad to see it go!