We unfortunately booked the Lower Antelope Canyon tour to coincide with the Utah school holidays so a 1.5 hour tour turned into 3 hours as there was a traffic jam of people in the canyon. The upside was that once we got into the canyon we got to spend much more time in there!

The walls of the canyon were sometimes only two feet apart and when we reached the top of the canyon we squeezed out through a tiny crack in the surface rock, so amazing; from the surface you’d never know what heaven lay beneath.


The colour of the rocks and the shapes formed by water and wind erosion over the years were incredible!

We took so many photos, all ostensibly of red rocks, but it was impossible not to!

Our guide threw some sand up (which they’re not meant to do) so that we could get a photo with the light beam.

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Travel tips

  • There are two tours available for the Upper and Lower canyon. We recommend the Lower
  • The Upper canyon is more expensive, busier, includes a 4×4 jeep drive to get to the entrance, and you have less time in the canyon. However, the benefit of the Upper is that you are more likely to get the light beam photos if you’re into that
  • We had read on the internet that the best time of day for the Lower was midday when the sun is overhead, but our guide told us that “as a tour guide ‘every time of day is great’, as a person the afternoon is the best for rich colours”