We decided to do the Canyon Adventure Boat Tour on Lake Powell to see Antelope Canyon from the water side and it was just as amazing as the dry side.

The lake was formed when the Glen Canyon dam was built between the mid 50s & 60s to support the growing demand for water on the West Coast. The dam sacrificed the beautiful Glen Canyon and created Lake Powell.

Interesting facts:

  • The lake shore is longer than the West Coast of the USA
  • The water level varies by 50 feet per year
  • The lake took 17 years to fill to its maximum
  • In some places it’s over 500ft deep
  • The white line is the high watermark due to the calcium in the water

We went up Navajo Canyon to see some Navajo Tapestries (below), which is where iron-heavy water runs down the canyon walls where it oxidises and stains the stone with ‘rust’.

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We twisted up the tight Antelope Canyon as far as the boat could go, check out our time-lapse video!

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The dam visitor centre was really great, with a whole bunch of interesting information and interactive displays, worth a stop if you are in the area.