In the middle of the Utah desert (the Grand Escalante National Monument to be more precise) is a gorgeous oasis.

We hiked about 5km up Calf Creek to reach the lower falls, which flow all year round. The temperature was about 5’C cooler than in the nearby shade and at least 10’C cooler than in the sun. We took pause to relax and just enjoy the coolness.

We weren’t brave enough to have a swim, but then again we had just had a shower after a few nights of (awful) camping (think coyotes howling, red dust over all our stuff and very strong winds!). Back to Airbnb and then a RV (motorhome) as of 5 May!

Our travel tip:

  • You can camp right at the trailhead (minimal services and no phone to check availability)
  • We stayed in Escalante, a reasonable size town just 15miles away
  • Take the trail guide and look for the remains of the historic culture that lived here; their grain stores and artwork