Another national park and more amazing landscapes to share with you!
Canyonlands is as the name suggests, a labyrinth of canyons to admire, photograph and get lost in (hopefully only in the figurative sense, rather than the literal).

Green River Overlook: This is Kellie’s favourite view of the trip, it was absolutely breathtaking!
Grandview Point Hike: We followed the canyon edge to overlook this mesa. There was a 1000 foot drop off just behind Mike!
This initially looks like an enormous dinosaur footprint, but at second glance is a 1000 foot deep canyon
We hiked Whale Rock to overlook Upheaval Dome (below) which was created by a meteorite. It was super windy here!
Upheaval Dome from the International Space Station
Upheaval Dome from the International Space Station
Mesa Arch, with one of the canyons in the mid ground and the La Sal Mountains in the distance. There’s (another) 1000 foot drop just over that edge!


Green River Overlook