Boulder is a seriously cool place, the kind of place you’d be constantly wondering if you’re cool enough to be ‘from Boulder’.

The city is in a picturesque location; where the Great Plains rise up to the incredible Rocky Mountains, with the Flatirons (the rock formations) just behind the city. From Boulder you can do any outdoor activity you choose.  There are people walking around town in their ‘active wear’, the roads are made for cycling, the shops are all filled with organic produce and kombucha, there are cafes galore, farmers markets and plenty of yoga studios to choose from. It’s a fab place!

The Flatirons

The other great thing about Boulder is that it is limited by how far it can expand since the land around the city is ‘protected’ from further development because in 1967 Boulder became the first US city to tax itself specifically to preserve open space – how right they were! Plus there is a height restriction on buildings, so the population can only grow so big, however this means that it is an expensive city to live in. But with the outdoors on your doorstep and all the amenities you could possibly want (including the University of Colorado campus) it seems like heaven! No wonder our great friends, Megan and Jimmy, have decided to base themselves there and so we had an awesome time hanging out with them.


We walked through the gorgeous historic district streets, hiked the local trails, sauntered along the precinct sampling the organic delights (brunch, coffee, icecream), struck some weird yoga poses together, made incredible body lotions from scratch and headed out of town to see some tiny houses and the Garden of the Gods.

Walking with Megan and General with the Flatirons behind us
Garden of the Gods

So grateful to be able to relax and hang out for a few days with familiar faces, it was just what we needed!