We left Boulder and picked up our RV in Denver. We were very excited about travelling in a RV since we were well and truly over camping and wanted a bit more stability than Airbnb. The RV turned out to be just perfect, we were able to stop along the way and make our lunch at some pretty little spot or use the loo, both of which were fabulous luxuries because we were driving some pretty long stretches of nothingness as we looped up through the Rocky Mountain National Park, to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and back to Denver.


The Rocky Mountain National Park was a lot higher in altitude than where we’d been and the amount of snow in some places was incredible. It meant that some of the roads were still closed and there wasn’t much hiking we could do, which was a shame but the bonus was that there weren’t a lot of tourists yet.


We drove up to where the road was closed, Rainbow Bend, and then kept walking uphill from there. The view from the top was absolutely spectacular, we just sat listening to the wilderness and enjoyed it for the best part of an hour.


We headed to Bear Lake which had started to melt, but that didn’t stop some idiot tourists trying to walk on it. We left them to it and hiked up through the snow to Dream Lake. Really worthwhile trip, but as it was getting a little dark we didn’t hang around too long there.