We left the Rocky Mountain National Park aiming to drive to Grand Teton NP over two days. We learned very quickly that touring by RV is definitely slower than by car. On day one we took the scenic route through Roosevelt National Forest and Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge. It was a beautiful drive through mountains, we climbed up to 10,000 feet before driving over wide open plains and chasing a threatening thunderstorm that we thankfully never caught up to. We had planned to spend a night in the Walmart parking lot, but it felt a bit sketchy so found a local KOA RV park to stay at for the night.



Day two of the drive was through an arid desert type area, then mile after mile of cattle grazing land, before reaching some rolling green hills (with snow pockets that made it look like a golf course with snow bunkers). The snow increased as we climbed up through a high, foggy mountain pass (9600ft; where we saw our first moose just hanging about looking lost) before arriving in Grand Teton NP. Grand Teton was gorgeous with flat savannah-like open plains juxtaposed against the huge snow capped mountains behind them. Stunning!

The next day we headed to Taggart Lake for a hike through slushy snow. The lake was still mostly covered with ice and not so spectacular so we tried to hike to the next lake but the path wasn’t obvious so headed back to the van just in time before another thunderstorm closed in from all directions. We were planning to do another challenging hike to Cascade Canyon but it was still closed due to avalanche risk, and would probably need ice crampons, so we didn’t manage it!


We drove north to Colter Bay admiring the spectacular view of the Tetons all the way. We stopped close to the water and just enjoyed the view of Jackson Lake and the reflection of the Tetons over an afternoon cuppa. Just gorgeous.

We saw our first herd of bison munching and playing about; they were huge, even the size of their heads was impressive! Plus we came across a mum and baby moose, beaver dams and lodges, but still no bears…


Mormon Row, the remains of a historic town that used to farm the land before it was turned into a National Park